Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Viewers YES

Wow I have had some viewers, I think or could it be from by girlfriend (thanks Bec). Anyway still don’t start official program till the weekend but I have been putting in the km’s. Yesterday I managed to have one of my longest training runs. A total of 1:40, I think I stayed out long to avoid completing my school reports. Felt good, however slow but for my first marathon I am not too fussed about my times. I can’t forget I pumped some iron after also, giving my skinny arms a bit of definition. I run again today and hit struggle town, (I can’t believe I am saying struggle town NOW, um Matt you haven’t started yet, imagine what it will be like in a months time) legs were like jelly and wasn’t feeling the best due to not eating after work (bad mistake). I still managed to complete my target of 30mins. I guess I have to push through these types of day as I know it will get worse. That’s why I plan to head to the gym tomorrow to do some interval training. Fingers crossed the legs are back to normal.

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